Baldwin Hardware
19701 Da Vinci
Lake Forest, CA 92610


Baldwin hardware is so much more than a timeless and trustworthy brand that creates a charismatic presence in any home. Baldwin is for those who “own it” with unparalleled confidence. It’s about creating a signature look that seamlessly blends Baldwin hardware with the personality of its owner. No limits. No boundaries. Baldwin is about more than just having something special—it’s about owning it and showing the world what true luxury is really worth. From our premium Prestige series to our handcrafted Reserve and our crown jewel Estate, there’s a way for everyone and every home to “own it” with the best of Baldwin.

The Reserve portfolio is for people who want more. They’re looking for more ways to express themselves with the distinctive look of Baldwin and find value in a company with more years of experience and a bona fide commitment to greater quality. Far beyond just a lock in a box, Reserve opens the door to a customizable world flowing with inspiration. And it’s all ready to go whenever inspiration strikes because it’s ready to ship in just 5-7 days. Reserve is the best of both worlds: accessibility and artful appeal. Make a lasting impression with Reserve.

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